Frequently Asked Questions

A subscription for RawRecruit lasts 365 days from the day it was purchased. During that time, users may use RawRecruit as much as they want. Once that 365-day period ends, users must renew their subscription, if they wish to continue using the service.

RawRecruit uses a two-sided interface so, no, it is not just for high school athletes. On one side, there are high school athletes searching for colleges that fit their academic and athletic ability. On the other side, there are college coaches that have the ability to search for prospective college student-athletes by various athletic and academic criteria that fit their program’s standards. Additionally, post-grad and junior college athletes seeking to play at a four-year institution will find RawRecruit beneficial as they search for a suitable college.

One of RawRecruit’s many features is its ability to allow high school athletes and college coaches to connect within the app for ease of communication. As of April 2016, the NCAA announced that it was deregulating electronic communication in football, cross-country, track and field and swimming. This means that, within certain guidelines and timetables, recruits are now able to receive unlimited texts from coaches and also opens communication across all social media. Further details on those guidelines and timetables can be found within our mobile app. RawRecruit is a service that can be defined under the category of an application that enables users to communicate with each other by posting information, messages, etc. This type of application is known as social media, thereby making RawRecruit an NCAA compliant service. Even with this deregulation, NCAA rules have always allowed for unlimited contact between high school athletes and college coaches, so long as contact is initiated by the high school athlete. Therefore, when using RawRecruit accordingly, you are always in compliance with NCAA guidelines.

Absolutely. RawRecruit is about empowering families with information. Therefore, we will gladly point your child in the direction of the athletic performance industry’s best. RawRecruit is currently partnered with DeFranco’s Gym. DeFranco’s is based in New Jersey and is responsible for sending over 100 athletes to the NFL, in addition to training pro athletes in various other sports. RawRecruit’s founder, Kevin Monangai, is among those athletes that have played professionally under DeFranco’s.

For now, RawRecruit is strictly focused on football, but we will be expanding to other sports in the near future.