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Who We Are

RawRecruit is a company that strives to bridge the gap between dreams and reality. For many teenage student-athletes, their dream is to play sports beyond high school. If you count yourself among one of those hopefuls, RawRecruit will give you the competitive advantage in the race towards securing your spot at the collegiate level. Our company was founded upon the belief that for too long recruiting services have promised (increased) “exposure” for prospective student-athletes without any transparent way to measure and utilize that exposure. This trend has resulted in an unacceptably large number of athletes going unnoticed by college coaches year after year, or kids having to settle for a college that ends up not being the right academic or athletic fit. At RawRecruit, we are finally changing that dynamic through our mobile app and website.

Our database utilizes over 130 metrics on the academics, athletics and campus life at over 550 universities. In addition to that, we offer our clients the phone numbers and email addresses of every coach at each of the colleges we cover. By equipping high school athletes with all the information they will need to live out their dream of playing at the collegiate level, we ensure that the college they pick is the best fit for their academic and athletic ability.